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Push to Talk (PTT) Over Cellular Device: Instant and Clear Communication in your Palms

The cell phone technology may be advancing at a mind-blogging rate, however, before cell phones were introduced and popularized in modern culture, the walkie-talkie was the most efficient method of sharing information over short ranges. Although walkie-talkies now seem old fashioned either as a communication device or as a simple fun tool, the invention of the walkie-talkie still remains of one of the breakthrough inventions in the telecommunications industry.

What is a walkie-talkie

The walkie talkie is simply a portable hand-held wireless radio device fitted with a microphone, a loudspeaker, an antenna and a “push to talk” button to enable short to middle range wireless communications. Here we will review Real Mobile's innovative and next generation walkie talkie - the Push to Talk (PTT) over cellular field handset.

Introduction to Real Mobile

Real Mobile is a telecommunications company offering full service PBX phones solutions on a hosted VoIP platform. The company also serves as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) offering nationwide LTE 4G wireless communications services. Real Mobile was founded in 2011 and operates out of Florida, USA. Among Real Mobile's wide range of products and services is the Push to Talk over Cellular field radios, which is comprehensively reviewed below.

A review of Push to Talk (PTT) over cellular radio

The Push to Talk Over Cellular walkie-talkie is a next generation device featuring an impressive set of components like field communicators and a multi-media dispatch and command system to allow for an easy and secured instant communication channel between groups without a range limit with just the push of a button. While the invention of the cell phone was undoubtedly the game changer, the cell phone is essentially just a telephone and gaming device that requires traditional dialing / calling protocols, this walkie talkie on the other hand provides instant contact, GPS location services and other multi-media services using nationwide cellular towers and/or WIFI to function to connect with an array of global servers … at the push of a button.

In point of fact, the major distinction between the PTT over cellular radio and the traditional walkie talkie is that while the range of functionality of the traditional walkie talkie is limited to the available radio towers or the line of site between radios, the REAL Mobile PTT device offers an unlimited range and worldwide coverage. Essentially, the PTT over cellular radio is powered by the built-in cellular internet which transmits service to Real Mobile's network of 28 servers spread out across the globe, 8 of which are located within the United States. The rugged field handset presently available is the RM-308 with various new models like RM-8S launching in the fall of 2018.

  • RM-308

These model comes with GPS tracking, 3G network (ensures stability and wider coverage), IP54 dust/waterproof standards with a battery capacity of 3000mAh (extra large 5000mAh available). The RM-308 functions best between temperatures -30°C to 75°C.

Features of the Push to Talk (PTT) walkie talkie

Some of the unique and innovative features of REAL Mobile Push to Talk (PTT) over cellular include;

  • Real Time Location monitoring

Users can use the location monitoring feature to track the movement of field personnel across a wide geographic range.

  • Individual call to single user

The walkie talkie can also function as a cellular phone allowing individual users to privately contact other members in a direct peer to peer fashion without engaging the larger community of members.

  • Broadcast call to all users

Just like an individual user can contact other users in private, a call can also be broadcasted to all user members on the team.

  • Group collaboration

This PTT device allows individual members from separate groups to combine and work together in a new group or project.

  • Geo Fencing

The group leader for a field project can create an eFence by choosing a set area, when team members wander out of the eFenced area, the leader will receive an alert notifying that a user is out of the designated area. This feature can help to track the movement of field personnel while at work.

  • History route

This feature keeps track of a user's movement pattern - the route used, the speed at which the user was travelling, etc.

  • Call recording

Push to Talk (PTT) comes with a call recording feature; alongside initiating audio calls, the system also records the calls as well.

  • Unlimited range

Cellular data enables an unlimited range with 28 server network located worldwide including 8 locations across the United States. The servers process voice transmission, call and GPS tracking recording.

  • PC Dispatch Console

The REAL Mobile PTT has a Dispatcher portal which allows users access to instant and real time interaction with the team.

  • SOS key

The PTT device features an SOS key users can press in emergency situations, sending an instant emergency alert on the Dispatcher screen with location and User identified. *available in some deployments

  • Instant messaging

Similar to the call feature, PTT has an instant messaging feature which will send an instant message to an individual user or broadcast it to all users. *available with some deployments

  • Encryption

The device provides an encrypted communication channel so users can chat freely via the secure portal.

  • Smartphone application

The Push to Talk (PTT) mobile app can be downloaded and installed on iOS and Android devices.


In addition to its rugged design, unlimited range, worldwide coverage and a relatively lower cost, this walkie talkie, Push to Talk over cellular offers a flexible and user friendly instant chat experience. It is the all in one field handset. This walkie talkie can be used by personnel across several industries such as the military, police and other security personnel, government, construction, transportation and logistics. It is ideal for outdoor sports such as biking, camping and hiking.