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Business Telephone for LESS

REAL Mobile Business PBX

Operating a small business is a challenge of balancing costs, time and marketing for your new customers. Surely, one of the most important aspects of any business is communications with your customers.

REAL Mobile offers a variety of options that make your business communications very inexpensive without sacrificing important features that any business requires. In actuality we offer features that are available at only the most sophisticated and expensive office systems for prices you won’t believe.

If you are tired of overpaying your local phone company for a basic phone plan that under delivers, consider making the switch to the REAL Mobile Complete Business PBX phone system. The REAL Mobile PBX includes Auto Attendant, music on hold, call transfers, voice mail for each extension and a whole host of other neat features like customizing greeting messages, custom messages while your customers are on hold, and more.

All these features are available to you to customize on your own web portal. See all the call logs, change greeting messages, change music, re-arrange voice mail, get voice mail messages sent to your email with an mp3 audio file attachment, just to name a few …

Customers love our affordable phone plans and the flexibility that comes with no contract service. To learn more about what type of phone is right for you, read more below!

What’s New

Although you can design your phone system ala carte REAL Mobile has made it REAL easy with the Complete Business Telephone System in a Box. This is a single phone and arrives programmed and ready to go. You can add your greeting (if you want), and other customization later or, call REAL Mobile customer support to assist with any tweaking.

The package costs $73.99 and includes the deskset and the first month nationwide service. Then just pay $24.99 monthly for nationwide service. You will not find business phone service for less.

There are no technician visits needed. The REAL Mobile system works in the “Cloud” so there is no equipment needed at your site. Simply connect to an Internet outlet and you have service.

The less headaches the better for your business and with this plug and play business phone communications cannot be easier. Be up and running in minutes.

Expand on demand

Need another extension? It’s as easy as plugging in another phone. REAL Mobile can setup and ship another deskset, or, you can download a free PC softphone and make and receive calls from your computer, table or smartphone. It really is that easy.

Mobile and don't use a deskset?

The REAL Mobile PBX system is ideal for you. Simply download our free mobile APP to your smartphone or tablet and let the auto attendant answer your calls. Then transfer to you or your associates ... to anywhere. There is no need to purchase the deskset and you have a professional virtual receptionist greeting and transferring your calls. You will have voice mail, music on hold, and all the features listed here. Add eFAX to complete your office.

What features do I need?

Many individuals can be confused when comparing office phone services.

There are many offers that appear inexpensive and solve your immediate phone service issue. The problem might be your ability to have features you have not thought of yet. For example, say you just team-up with a new associate that works from home … across the country. The REAL Mobile PBX can easily transfer calls (directly or through the auto attendant)  to your new associate. Your new associate can also be part of your network with a personal extension. Can you get these features with a less sophisticated device without having to purchase equipment for the individual site?

International calling, International roaming, 800 numbers, virtual numbers for any location (local area codes numbers), mobile softphones, eFAX, audio conferencing on demand are all available on the REAL Mobile PBX system, and more … Use one feature or use them all as you need them.

Economy, WIFI, Video Phones

REAL Mobile offers a full line up of desksets to fit your needs. Start with a high quality single line deskset (accommodates two callers), or get a high end video phone. Difficult to get an Internet line connected for your phone? REAL Mobile offers a line-up of WIFI phones. No need to hard wire your deskset.

Full feature conference phones are also available with WIFI connectivity making corroboration very mobile.

We hope that we have made your purchasing decision much easier after learning about the many different types of business phone plans offered by REAL Mobile. If you would like to view our entire inventory of business plans and phones, visit our online store today! As one of the nation’s top providers, we offer affordable phone plans that were designed to accommodate every type of lifestyle. To learn more about our phone deals, or if you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to REAL Mobile today!