Push to Talk (PTT) over Cellular

Push to Talk over Cellular

Powerful field communicators with

Multi-media Dispatch & Command System

Instant communication with all your field personnel and with no range limit.

Our Push to Talk (PTT) comes with a Dispatcher portal giving you access to REAL time contact with your field crew.

See where everyone is with the on-screen map ....

No expensive radio towers ... our servers do it for you.

Push to Talk makes it instant. Cellular makes it unlimited range ... even Global!

 See PTT Presentation - Download more information

Unified company communications for ANY budget ... NOW

  Monthly nationwide service for only $17.00

Powerful unified communication capability

  • Voice, texts, location
  • Interaction and user-friendly experience
  • No Range Limit
  • REAL time view and interaction on WEB based map
  • (See where users are and communicate instantly)
  • Downloadable APP for Android/iPhone device available 
  • Encrypted communications for total security
  • 28 server network ensures redundancy and failover

PC Dispatcher features include:

  • Location monitoring in REAL time
  • Broadcast call to all users
  • Individual call to single user
  • Separate users in different Groups
  • Geo-Fencing sends alerts when a user is in/out of a designated area
  • History route allows tracking of where user has been (track route, speed, etc.)
  • P2P single call allows individual users to call each other
  • Create special Group for specific corroboration
  • Call recording
  • SOS key - emergency alert on Dispatcher screen
  • IM - Instant message to ALL users (or single user)

REAL Mobile PTT Geo Fence image

Ideal for:

  • All trades. Know where your service vehicles are for quick dispatch
  • Construction personnel
  • Transportaion and logistics
  • Warehouse and industrial
  • Security
  • Government
  • Fire Rescue and Police
  • Outdoor sports and recreation

What is included with service:

  • PTT software and PC Dispatch Console
  • 28 Server network with 8 locations in the USA
  • Handheld Terminals 
  • Smartphone Application (PTT App can be installed on the Android or iPhone)

  See PTT Presentation - Download more information

Complete and comprehensive communications costs less than you think.

Call today

REAL PTT track historu
Global CoverageTrack route historySmartphone client application

Call today and let's discuss your options!

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Push to Talk (PTT) over Cellular RM-1560 - Dual 4G LTE/Analog Radio

Long range wireless walkie-talkie communicator with 4G LTE capacity. The RM-1560 is equipped for DUAL mode with nationwide and worldwide cellular connectivity that has no range limit and as an analog walkie talkie radio. IP66 certified this field device is waterproof, shock and dust proof. A go-anywhere companion.
$219.00 $149.00

Earphone for Push to Talk (PTT)

When you need more private conversation or are in an environment where a speaker maybe inconvenient quickly and easily connect the earphone accessory. The in-line microphone button option allows you to transmit with the quick access near your lapel.

Microphone extension for Push to Talk

Add flexibility with our extended microphone option. Easily connects to your lapel or a fixed location. The in-line microphone button option allows you to transmit with the quick access near your lapel.

Mobile charger for Push to Talk (PTT)

When permanent or long term mobility are in your needs connect with the mobile charge accessory and never lose power on your Push to Talk unit.